Wednesday, March 16, 2011

365 things - week 13

Wow, people, in the last post I crossed the 100 line!! yikes! And on my list, I'm already well past half the number of items I want to give away. It's so exciting!

Lately I've always talked about how good it feels to give stuff away. That is only part of the good things, though. This project is about giving away what I don't need, not giving away as much as possible (although sometimes that's how it feels and it's part of the fun!) or living with as little as I possibly can (although, as a person who likes challenges of that kind, I might like to try it one day!).
Therefore project 365 is not only about giving things away, but also about deciding what I need. It can either be something I consider - after conscious and lenthy thinking - important enough to buy it, or just the conscious decision to keep something in the house. Because it is useful or otherwise important to me.

It happened to me twice in the past week that I had an item on the list to give away and then crossed it off again because I realised I want to keep it. One was the big print of van Gogh's "Café de nuit" which is one of my favourite paintings and has been with me since my teenage years. I realised I just don't want to part with it, I still like looking at it after all these years.
The second thing I decided to keep is my daylight lamp. I got it when I had really bad winter depression also and I haven't used it in two years, because it seems like I have other strategies to deal with the blues now. But I'm just not ready yet to give the lamp away. It was quite expensive and I'm a bit afraid after just two winters it would be a bit too optimistic to part with it. So it will stay.

I think I was wrong when I said it feels so good to give stuff away. That's not the whole truth. I think I have to say: It feels so good when the stuff that you have consists of less and less clutter and more and more things that you've consciously decided to own.

Items of this week:

All these things went to the Brockenhaus, except for the sign language book. It's in German and about German sign language (not Swiss), but it's a nice introduction. Anybody interested?

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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