Wednesday, February 2, 2011

365 things - week 10

Wohoo, we're up to 70 things now! It's so easy to give things away right now, I really feel like I'm in the flow.
These are the things I'll give away this week, you can still have them all, if anything strikes your fancy.

This is a carpet 1x1m with a boardgame on it.

No, sorry, I lied, this bag full of shoes is actually gone. ;o)

I made this little flowerfairy myself, she is very cute and can stand on her own.

 The book from my lifesaver course, that was a few years ago but it should still be up to date.

Two hats, I just have too many of them and then some don't get worn anymore.

A silver tray... you wouldn't believe it, but we actually have three silver trays... so at least one has to go! :o)

The last weekend of my nature education course is coming up, so I'll leave you to your weekend on Friday and be back on Sunday. Help me pray for dry weather, it would be a novelty... ;o)


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