Saturday, January 22, 2011

365 things - week 8

This week's giveaway post took a bit longer, but I'm still on it. Actually, since we reorganised the attic today, I am way ahead with my list now. But here's the things of this week:

A bag full of cotton which I took to school. The kids have to learn how to crochet now. ^^

A bag full of stuff that was broken and unusable which - big exception - went straight to the trash.

My beloved skateboard... but I never actually learned to use it, so it's just lying around looking cool, whilst somebody else could have fun with it. Do you want it?

Trev's pullup-bar sadly doesn't fit in my dooframes, so he's giving it away to whoever wants it. You?

An old leather coat of Trev that went to texaid.

My Couchsurfing-foldout-matress. With the two of us living here now I don't feel like hosting and once we move house there will be another solution. I have been told by many surfers that it is very comfortable and it folds up neatly and can be used as a cushion to sit on. It's still here, so tell me if you'd like it.

Trev's sleeping bag. It's been with him for many years and got a bit thin, so it went into the texaid bag.

Do you think it's cheating to count Trev's stuff in as well? I thought, since it is getting out of *my* flat, I might as well count it. ^^

So, I'm putting all the available stuff on fleedoo now (great website!), but if you want something, you will have a bonus, of course. ;o)


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