Wednesday, January 12, 2011

365 things - week 7

Hello again, here are the things I gave/will give away this week:

I bought this armchair when I moved into my flat a few year ago, hoping it wold make me into a decent person who knits/reads/uses her computer sitting in a chair instead of kneeling on the floor or lying in bed. It didn't help and the chair really only takes up space and is always cluttered with clothes which doesn't look nice. So if you want it, you can drop me a message and come and pick it up.

I bought this sewing machine last year because I thought I needed one of my own, but it turnes out it is way too simple for my standards, and too fiddly. I just don't get along with it. So I'm still using my mothers machine and have to share it with Picoletta. But luckily Tali wants to get into sewing and said she would like it, so I know it will be used. :o)

 This bag of Christmas decoration made it into our load from the WG, but does not actually belong to us, so after gratefully being used for this season, it is now going back to its owners.

And here's a didgeridoo I picked up from my school so I could learn. But I realised I don't really enjoy it so much, so I'm bringing it back.

I found this in a corner of my wardrobe, you know, where you tuck things that you don't really want to wear but can't give away... I've grown out of it years ago, but it is just so adorable, so I hung on to it. But I think I know somebody who might like it. ;o)

Phew, that's a few corners more not clustered with stuff. The nightie is actually item number 50 on my list, so I'm one thing ahead for next week. It's quite amazing how giving stuff away not only gets easier and easier, but also makes me happier and happier. I really like going around the flat hunting for stuff that is lurking in dusty corners. And there is a lot of that sort of stuff around here, o boy!


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