Wednesday, January 5, 2011

365 things - week 6

This week there is no yarn, because it all went away - quite quickly actually... :o)
These shell-chains have already found a new home at casa Picoletta


But maybe you like this little guy? You can hide little secrets in his belly.

And someone might have use for these, they're little ballerina slippers. I am quite fond of them, but they are not warm enough for me. When I still went to yoga classes I often wore them and have always been complimented a lot. (For the slippers, not for my yoga *sigh* ^^)

This little but I will just put out into the wild if nobody wants it badly, just out of fun!

Same for this old, much loved keyhanger:

So if you want anything this week, be quick!
And have yourself a nice wednesday evening!


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