Wednesday, December 8, 2010

365 things - week 2

Hello again, here's some more things I will give away this week:

A little elephant pouch
a pair of sunglasses
a little mouse
a baking tray
a pair of flip flops
a pair of boots
a bumbag
and a fan

Some of these things like the shoes and the glasses are reeeally old and shabby and will go to the garbage straight away. For the other things I will try to find new homes, so if there's anything you like, it's waiting for you!

It feels so cool to get rid of things so steadily. Each week I think it will be hard to find seven things that I don't need or don't want anymore, and then my outbox fills up very quickly.


Anonymous said...

omygosh, i waited ages to get these boots!! can i have 'em? :D

Anonymous said...

aww well, anonym = your little sister. (:

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