Monday, November 29, 2010

a quiet day of pottering

I felt horribly cranky and moody this morning, but I tried to be good and not nag on Trev who was sitting down sketching out a detailed plan of all the work for finishing the yurt and the supplies we still need to get.

The rest of the day was a bit better, but not over the top, and I have been lurking in my PJ's, crafting tiny things just to make me feel a bit better.

Maybe I could pimp these up with some shiny (actually, I think I should!) and use them on the christmas tree?

Well, I guess we won't really have a tree this year. Last year at the WG was my first 'kind-of-my-own' christmas tree, I never had space or money for one since I am not living with my parents anymore. And anyways, I think I would want one in a pot, what's the sense of throwing it away afterwards?

IF, If, if.... the yurt is finished before christmas......... no, I know by now that I should not set deadlines anymore and I am quite sure it will not happen.
But if....
...............then we could have a decorated tree outside and it would be so wonderful! Aaawgh, I want it to be finished!!!!

Excuse my outbreaks, but as it is nearing completion, in a way, and still not, I am feeling more and more discouraged...
But at least I am trying to get back into blog-routine again. It makes me sick to only post about the building, so I try to write about other things too. Not equally important, but I hope you like to read it anyways.

And here's some candlelight, because it is important on a pottery day.


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