Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Unhappy words and not so many pictures

We have been working our asses off to get everything ready for next monday, when the cows will be back. Besides, we try not to get fired at our jobs, get enough sleep and keep up whatever there must be done for our social survival. To shorten this explanation, just read: It's hard.
It's tiring, and we are both torn between our enthousiasm and the greatness of seeing something emerge from under our hands and our growing wish to just get it done and have time and energy to concentrate on other things in our lives again.

Blogger is a bitch with pictures again, these three is all it wanted to give me, so you only get a little sneak peak of how we took the tipi down,

Put the very first stake in the ground

and actually finished all pieces for the floor and brought them up to the site.

The floor only needs tarping now and hopefully the weathergods and some friends will help Trev put in all the stakes this weekend.

I am gonna be away on another firebird excoursion which is not so handy this time I have to admit, I'd much rather stay and make sure everything goes ok. (Apart from the fact that the weather is again as shitty as can be... oO)

More pictures and happier words hopefully next week.


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