Saturday, August 21, 2010

A week of yurt

As you can see on my facebookaccount and this blog, pretty much everything in our lives apart from the yurt has been put on hold this week.
We've been working on it every day and we made a lot of progress.
All the floor pieces are finished and the bamboo is ready for drilling and joining.

Next week we want to finish all the details on the floor and maybe even put it up already. There's still lots of small things that have to get done for that. We are currently marking up the exact measurements of the pieces. Then we need to cut them out and sand them neatly.
We started cutting some really long planks in half and glueing them on top of each other for making strong main supports.
And we still need to get rope and stakes for the final design, and pitch to protect the wood from humidity.

Then at the same time, as soon as we've found the right cord we'll start drilling holes into the bamboo and tying the trellises together.

But that's all plans for next week. This weekend we are taking a much needed break because we're both really exhausted from having such full heads all week. Besides, yesterday was a pretty crappy day when everything went wrong, our tools didn't work the way we wanted, I realised that my photocamera is broken, and I got a really bad wasp sting that is driving me crazy.

Go to Lia's blog for some pictures.

Have a nice weekend!


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