Friday, July 23, 2010

How does he DO this?

I went to the library to do some reserach and came across a new book from my most favourite author, Sven Nordqvist. It's called "Wo ist meine Schwester?", and it is just gigantic!! I think I spent about half an hour only flicking through this book and looking over the pictures. This guy has fallen in the pot of fantasy and talent when he was a baby!

(Click for whole pictures)

It makes my thoughts fly away just to look at those pictures.
And it also makes me jealous as hell. How come he's just good at EVERYTHING! He draws the silliest things, and technical plans like out of a book (well, ok, they are in a book...), landscapes, people and animals both in and out of perspective, as comical or realistic as you want, and he is just good at it ALL. And all his stories are so great.
Man, if it wouldn't make me feel so good to read his books I would go and pull the cover up over my head now.


Elisa said...

einerseits kann ich nur sagen: freu dich doch einfach ganz unschuldig darĂ¼ber! Andererseits hilft es dir vielleicht wenn ich dir sage: mir geht es hin und wieder auch so. :-)

Bin wieder da, muss nur irre viel aufholen.

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