Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The big summer bubble

Remember this mysterious post? I do not like to talk about plans before they become real. Partly because I get the feeling that I could jinx them into not working by doing so and partly because I wanna be sure I really do something before telling the world about it.
So I haven't really told you what this is all about. Starting on 2nd of July we will take a weeklong course about building yurts. I can't tell you in detail how this is gonna be because I know practically nothing about them. I have a vague imagination of how they are constructed and from reading on the website of the guy who will teach us I know that the materials will not be traditional but rather simple and made to fit our climate conditions.

And after that we will hopefully be much wiser, even more inspired and know exactly what to do do do it ourselves. We found a place where we can put up this 'house' and if our resolutions are realistic then we will move into our yurt sometime this summer.

It still feels very much like a crazy dream, but with finding a place we got past the first and maybe biggest obstacle and now it really feels like nothing is gonna stop us. I can't wait to do the course and then be able to make clearer plans. Only 1.5 weeks left now!


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