Monday, April 26, 2010

Oops... again!

I admit, I love baths. Bubble baths or essence oils, before going to sleep or to start a lazy day, against a cold or preventing it after a long winter day... what's better than a big bathtub full of warm water? I am very aware of the fact that this is pure luxury and wastes an insane amount of water. It makes me feel very guilty about having baths quite regularly on the weekends. The fact that if I wouldn't keep myself from it I would maybe take a bath two or more times a week does not exactly make me feel better. But it shows that I am on the way of improving my bad water-using habits, doesn't it?

Which brings me to the boudoir-news.

The ingredients for the new, liquid deodorant: Cornstarch, olive oil, natron, water and some lavender oil.
This time I dobled the amount of natron in the mixture. It did not cause any irritations after using it for a week. Still, I am not completely satisfied with the performance of the deo. I do not exactly stink, (although people who are very sensitive on that subject - like my dear sister - will say otherwise), but there is the smell of sweat. And although I do not care that much, I know that in certain social situations this is not acceptable.
I will try a new recipe, thanks to Saarita's great idea with adding some beeswax for texture (she has hers with jojoba oil and coconut butter and came up with the wax as a local alternative for those!), and keep on trying.

And since I was having a bath anyways I thought I'd try another recipe of hommade stuff for my hair. I mixed an egg, some olive oil and honey smeared (oh, the mess!!) it into my hair and let it stay there for the bathtime.
My sister and me sometimes had those mixing adventures where we experimented with all sorts of facial masks, hand packings and decolleté scrubs. I thought I remembered one great ingredient was mashed banana, and since I had still some egg-iäägh leftover, I mixed in some banana and splashed the stuff into my face.
And immediately remembered why this didn't become a routine in our beauty-lifes. The egg makes a very uncomfortable layer on your skin when it dries, the banana slides down and drips onto your shirt and it smells not exactly nice.
Well, it does work though. Very soft skin and very strong and clean hair.


Elisa said...


This reminds me I promised you a file some weeks ago. Please remember me later, ok?

So much stress going on before the last weekend and the convention I was to then.

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