Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's so beautiful it makes me sad

Aawwh, I can't help it, spring always makes me feel a bit melancholic. I went out to get some more wild garlic today, since we actually managed to use up most of what we got last week in these few days. It's SO beautiful outside now. It's warm enough to go without a jacket and not being uncomfortable all day long. Everything is in bloom, all the birds are singing, the world seems to waste all the colors and juices in a short period of time.

I mean, look at this. It's so beautiful I wanna cry. I know I'll have forgotten about this in a few months, as the world will have forgotten. As quickly as the flowers bloom once there is some sun, they're all gonna wither and die and there will never be enough time to enjoy, to appreciate all that beauty. Oh it makes me so sad.
Maybe I'm totally crazy, but I really feel that way.

This made me smile though: See that blue spot at the foot of a tree? Somebody seems to not have done their easter duties... ^^

When I came home I had some toasted bread with stuff that I found on my walk: Nettles, dandelions, bilewort and of course wild garlic.


Elisa said...

komisch, mich macht immer der Herbst melancholisch, der Frühling hingegen einfach nur euphorisch weil endlich alles wieder blüht. Liegt aber vielleicht auch daran, daß ich gleichzeit bewusst bin, daß den Blüten auch bald Früchte folgen im Sommer und das auch mehr Arbeit für mich bedeutet. Großer Garten mit viel Obst = viel Arbeit. :-)

Freu dich lieber, daß die Natur erwacht, denk nicht daran, daß es jetzt am meisten Blüten gibt und danach nicht mehr, auch im Sommer und Herbst gibt es noch Blüten, denke positiver!

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