Thursday, April 15, 2010

days fly by

Ooah, 3 days since my last post already? Sometimes time just seems to go off and hide somewhere... I've been up to a bit more outgoing activity these days. Starting with another bikelesson, which ended in me taking a bike home that I will hopefully ride until my birthday and after that I hope I will be ready to go on the big (and interesting) ones. ;o)
I actually wanted to be able to show you a picture of me and the bike, but the truth is that I haven't driven it yet...not because I didn't want to but because I am too stupid to cold start it and managed to somehow empty the battery by trying to - twice! So I am not touching it again unless somebody is there to help me until I think I know what I am doing. It's just too embarrassing, walking out in biking clothes and all and then not even being able to get on the bike. blegh!
So that was my frustration of today. Nothing hurt, only my pride's got some bruises ;o) Anyways here's the bike:


In other news I've visited the kindergarden I'll be working in from next week on until summer. It's three days a week, seems quite a good amount to me. The kids are awesome, very nice and clever and I am very looking forward to it.

Oh and I have been reading this site with interest, the guy is a very skilled writer and has cool ideas. It's not all news to me, but it's nice to see such a refreshing approach on quite heavy topics. And what I find highly fascinating: Vlad is a great self-promoter! Truly something to learn there! :o) Have a great thursday evening!


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